Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the grand canyon of the east.

matt and i met my parents and brother for a weekend of beautiful fall 
camping at letchworth state park last month. 

we went to one of my favorite NY wineries and had lunch, a quick tour (the tours were actually closed due to the rain but matt got us a condensed version thanks to his brewers brain), and  a tasting (where we received free wine glasses).

on our way back to camp after the winery, we were delighted to see clouds of fog rising up from the valley where the river ran. i had to stop and take a few pictures. (below is one of them, you can see the clouds in the background of the photo.)

letchworth state park is so amazing. it is 14,350 acres along the genesee river. the campground is just a chain link fence and about 50 yards away from one of the cliffs overlooking the river. while matt and i were searching for dead fall to use as firewood, i stumbled upon this cliff and was amazed to spot some deer drinking in the river. 

the leaves were not quite at their peak but the colors were still gorgeous. there are three water falls that matt, mom, dad and i walked along (and took A LOT of pictures of) on saturday and were lucky enough to have the sun come out while we were there. 
(it rained each night. blech.)

below are a few more photos of from the weekend....

i don't think that there is hardly anything better than spending time with my family in the breathtaking beauty of nature. i am thankful every day for them. 


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