Tuesday, October 23, 2012

just another weekend alone.

matt and dan went camping for the weekend. and again i was left by myself. good thing i had my sewing machine and of course the cuddle bug animals to keep me company.
so without further ado, a photo dump of the weekend.

matt treated me to lunch on friday before heading out of town.

saturday moring coffee in bed.

a scarf made from some very large sweatpants.
(to keep myself warm for the weekend you know...)

using my super sewing machine skills to attach a button.

break time cuddles.

very first zipper install ever. 
i didn't even mess it up once.

 walking with spooky while the sun was shining.

some lonely leftovers dinner.
(delicious squash burrito)

monday night cuddles with beans.
(she seemed happy to have two people to cuddle since matt was back.)


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