Monday, March 26, 2012

a peek at my week.

last week i....

 went camping with the boy.

made kitty mad by not getting up at first alarm...

 enjoyed the new growth in the back yard.

 let the kitty enjoy it as well. 

 sipped on some mint juleps. yum!

spent more time soaking up the sun and fresh spring air.

baked some yummy honey oat bread..

i also....

began another batch of dill pickles. (i am crossing my fingers for this batch.)
 began collecting egg shells to start seeds indoors and transfer to the garden.
ordered some fabric to make a few maxi skirts as i have decided i will live in them this summer.
re watched season 4 of mad men in preparation of season 5. (best. show. ever.)
made carrot cake pancakes. wow.

so... yeah, good week.
hope your week was a wonderful as mine.

<3 kbl.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


with all of the warm weather i couldn't resist taking the weekend to go camping. matt and i went to stoney pond (adirondacks of course), where neither of us had been before. it was a short 2 mile hike in with lots of snow still on the trails. you could see the water flowing under the packed trail in some places. it was gorgeous. we crossed a beaver dam and hopped across many fresh springs on our way to the lean to.

about 20 minutes after we arrived and took our packs off, the sun came out in time for our lunch. i, of course, forgot a hat or sunscreen so ended up with a pink nose after spending too much time reading in the sun.... sounds terrible huh?

we collected wood. matt sawed and chopped the big stuff while i broke down smaller twigs and built the fire. we enjoyed a simple camp meal of hot dogs and some veggies cooked in the fire. the temperature got kinda low but with our fire blazing and warm sleeping bags the night was no problem.

we woke up to a warm tent (thanks again to that wonderful sun) and rebuilt the fire while eating breakfast and playing cards. as i was sitting in the lean to enjoying my blood mary coffee i saw a small critter run across the still frozen pond. i thought it may be an otter but matt and i decided it was too small and think it was most likely a mink. i didn't have my camera handy and it didn't take long to scamper back into the woods so unfortunately there are no pictures....
we took our time packing up camp and hiking back to the car. on the way out we noticed some dog tracks and another set of people prints though we never saw anyone else during our stay. matt and i stopped at the adirondack brew pub in lake george to fest on cheeseburgers and some beer.

it was an amazing first camping trip for the year and i hope to get in a few more before the bugs take over!