Tuesday, September 18, 2012

happy birthday to me.

birthdays are my favorite. with the exception of having people sing to you. that is terrible.
this year, i was given the awesome gift of tickets to see my favorite improv actor, colin mochrie, live. the show was in ithaca, ny so matt and i decided to stay overnight to avoid driving home so late. the hotel, show and many food options were all within walking distance of each other which is always a grand experience. especially when the hotel gives you free beer when you arrive and after you are back at the hotel for the night, you decide you need to eat some pizza. having a wonderful partner who will fetch said pizza for you is key to this. especially if this wonderful partner will also wake up and walk to starbucks to get you your all time favorite... a pumpkin spice latte while you relax in bed watching terrible reality shows on the hotel cable tv.

(i got a PINK ukulele!)

on saturday, matt and i made the drive home. well, he drove while i slept. (it's ok, it was my birthday.) some super awesome friends came over to hang out and brought with them a birthday cake and some ice cream which we all shared after a very long and VERY hilarious game of cards against humanity. (it's a grown up version of apples to apples. SO FUNNY.)
sunday (because yes, my birthday is not just a day but an entire weekend) was spent on the couch with a fleece blanket and some cuddly animals and 5 movies. yes, 5 movies. it would have been 6 but we played a board game after the 5 movies. 
in addition to the events of friday, saturday and sunday i am very happy to report that i received birthday cards and even a bouquet of flowers from the most wonderful people i know. (thanks to all of you!!)

(pretty birthday flowers)

i look forward to being able to spend the end of my birthday month in the company of my parents and the camping trip we are meeting up for. (yeah camping with no bugs!)

(beans got grumpy on sunday when i told her she was taking up too much of the blanket so this is her sitting next to me and giving me "the look".)

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