Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iphone and a trip home.

last weekend one of my cousins was getting married so i hopped the train to ohio.
1. trains! // 2. finally some room to myself  // 3. windmills in ohio! 
4. cutie sabrina // 5. tara licking remains of her papa's ice cream // 6. the meanie cat out of reach 
7. aahhhh.... warm pool // 8. making some wedding gifts // 9. teaching my sister angry birds 
10. sister time with pedicures! // 11. pretty nails // 12. getting ready for the wedding 
13. sharing a beer with dad // 14. first time i have eaten cereal for breakfast in YEARS // 15. BEST SODA EVER!

and of course, we had a cookout for fathers day!!! love the pictures that were taken afterwards.

hope your weekend was as amazing as mine!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

so says the iphone.....

this past week went too fast. i only worked two days but my days off seemed to just disappear. i spent a lot of time watching netflix and reading. i also booked my ticket for a quick trip home next week. i am hoping the weather is good so i can spend a little time in my parents pool!
here are a few pictures courtesy of my iphone!