Thursday, May 3, 2012

peek at my week (or weeks) no. 4

i was just informed that there is going to be a whole foods near my house. to compete with the trader joes that is under construction. my day has been made.
tomorrow matt and i are leaving at 4:30am climb some mountains in the high peaks (weather permitting the hiking may be postponed until saturday).

in other news....
during the past few weeks i have been busy doing a lot of nothing and a bit of some other things.

matt and i attendied the wedding of one of my close friends (congrats again nicole and heather), i stopped procrastinating and made a gift for my special mother, who deserves way more than my novice sewing skills could hope to create (but i hope you like it anyways), have been absorbed into the world of battlestar galactica. i am almost done with the series. maybe then i will get to more things. my pickles are still turning out a lot of bacteria. i think i may try one tonight and check the progress.... and a very awesome board game was purchased and played last night with yours truly being the winner!

and in case that rambling wasn't enough...  
here are a few pictures from the past few weeks!

i now plan on spending the rest of my day hoping for no thunderstorms and watching battlestar!
hope you have a lovely weekend!

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