Friday, May 11, 2012

it's a mystery.

matt and i wrote a murder mystery this week. i am super excited for the work day to be over and go home to get ready for it. it is set in the 1920's (my favorite time period) and i am going to attempt to put finger waves in my hair. i have never done this so it should be interesting. i have never written a murder mystery either..... hope it goes well.

this week was pretty low key other than that. just working during the days and writing or relaxing after work. i did however score a pair of red jeans that actually fit me! i am probably more excited about that than i should be but i am wearing them now and they are SO comfortable.

oh, and beans fell asleep on her cat scratcher after i put new cat nip in it. there was sunshine coming through the door and she took full advantage. i like to think she really loved me for that.

stay tuned for pictures from our murder mystery!
happy weekend!

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