Wednesday, April 18, 2012

peek at my week. no 3.

this weekend had amazing weather. i went camping with a group of friends and had a grand time. i also had a long weekend so monday was spent doing a few odds and ends around the house. the temp got up to 89 so i had to get out and spend some time in the yard as well. i tossed some wildflower seeds into the yard, read on the hammock, spent some time with my sweet kitty face and checked on the progress of my pickles and my growing veggies and herbs. it is almost time to plant the tomatoes into some bigger pots and start taking outside during the days!
i also stomped all over matt in a game of scrabble at the end of last week. (suck it wolkoff.)

hope you had a great weekend too!

<3 - kbl.



  1. your a boastful's not a very attractive quality.

    1. what fun is winning if you can't rub it in?