Friday, April 6, 2012


i love foodgawker.

love. love. love.

i have been in a serious food rut lately. i was getting tired of all of my normal favorite dinners and needed to spice things up. i will admit that i also am SUPER lazy when it comes to making dinner after working all day, so it needs to be something quick, and easy and also healthy.

if you have not heard of food gawker, here is the deal..... the site posts pictures and links to amazing blogs with super tasty treats/meals and food ideas. i have to sort (at the bottom of the screen) for "no desserts" so i don't get sucked into buttery flaky, not good for you, goodness and can stay on track in finding new and interesting menu ideas. the site is always updating so i just take a browse every few days (or daily lately) and keep a document of recipes i want to try.

here are links to two recipes i tried this week.
both are AMAZING and will be made again very soon.....

(both of these make wonderful leftovers.... i had the quinoa taco mix for lunch on wheat thins and have a sweet potato for lunch that i haven't been able to stop thinking about!)

i hope that you check out and find a few new things to try.
happy friday!

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