Monday, March 26, 2012

a peek at my week.

last week i....

 went camping with the boy.

made kitty mad by not getting up at first alarm...

 enjoyed the new growth in the back yard.

 let the kitty enjoy it as well. 

 sipped on some mint juleps. yum!

spent more time soaking up the sun and fresh spring air.

baked some yummy honey oat bread..

i also....

began another batch of dill pickles. (i am crossing my fingers for this batch.)
 began collecting egg shells to start seeds indoors and transfer to the garden.
ordered some fabric to make a few maxi skirts as i have decided i will live in them this summer.
re watched season 4 of mad men in preparation of season 5. (best. show. ever.)
made carrot cake pancakes. wow.

so... yeah, good week.
hope your week was a wonderful as mine.

<3 kbl.


  1. is this the 2nd weekend camping?

  2. yummy looking bread...the boy doesn't look real happy in this picture. did you piss him off or something?

    1. that doesn't sound like something i would do.

  3. haha I laughed out loud when I read the mad kitty part! Out cat does the same thing to us every day :)