Friday, February 24, 2012

picture frames.

i started a new job last October. since then, i have spent 8 hours a day staring at a wall with one lone picture hanger. the rest of my office is neatly decorated and organized except for the wall that i am facing. co workers comment on how my office is decorated and i wonder if they could see what i see if they would still say anything.

their view.

my view.

after months of procrastinating and sometimes browsing for art for my wall i decided to create my own. i purchased some black picture frames from big lots. when i got home i realized that there weren't mats in the frames. and of course, purchasing mats is expensive. so.... i have decided to make my own.

ferris wheel at santa monica peir.
some fabric, glue and posterboard and i have turned some typical photos into colorful fun. now, if i can look at the pictures and not spend my time daydreaming about the warm places the pictures were taken, i should be good.

flower from greenhouse in DC.

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  1. Ha girl FIX THAT VIEW!!! You deserve better my dear. Only beautiful things in your line of vision, please ma'am.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! So sweet of you : )