Monday, February 6, 2012

my asthmatic cat.

five years ago this month, i fell in love.

it's a rather long story about this cat who shows up on my door step, comes inside, shows me her wounds (terrible cut under her arm) and i rescue her.

Madam Isabel and her loyal subjects.

lists in the life of isabel:

favorite foods:
red meat
vodka martini (dirty, with a blue cheese stuffed olive)

favorite activities:
murdering her cat nip mice and yelling for all to witness
watching birds at the feeder
laying with anyone who will pet her (as close to their face as they will allow)
napping on the radiator
lounging on fleece
getting brushed
being told how wonderful and loved she is
helping knit gifts

"helping knit."
riding in cars
hairball paste
having her nails clipped
not being the center of attention
that darn grey cat from across the street

things i love about her:
she comes when i call her (usually, she is a cat after all)
she sleeps next to me (and somehow takes up more space than i do, which is a tough thing to accomplish)
the brown spots on her otherwise pink paws
 she flops over when she wants attention
 she tries to eat what i am eating, regardless of what it is
she occasionally wheezes or snores (the wheezing is her asthma)

(* I am sure she has never actually tasted a martini, but she never stops trying to share mine.)

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