Friday, January 25, 2013

picture dump.

so i guess it has been awhile since i have posted anything to the blog... oops.

not too much to report as things have been slow moving due to the freezing temperatures around here... winter time always makes me extra sleepy. 

so... instead of boring everyone with my thoughts (which is mostly just trying to motivate myself to get through the day so i can spend the evening cuddling with my cat and a book and a lovely cup of tea) and just bore you instead with a dump of pictures from my phone. 

try not to be too excited now.... 

this is the "please share your pizza with me" face.
napping on a christmas gift in progress.
sleepy face.
i (with some help from the internet) mastered the snowflake puzzle.
i am missing this cuties face.
spooky receiving a special treat. 
a movie date.
my favorite coffee mug. 
flowers from my darling. 
a cow game too stressful for me!
super proud of mdw who is now an mba.
blueberry pancakes in bed? yes please!
white russian and a game. good night!
more hiding. or creeping. 
there are never enough cat nap pictures right?
my hair met some scissors and decided to bring back the bangs. 
sleeping kitty paws. 
i buy bottles based only on their label. i would buy this one all day.

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