Wednesday, August 22, 2012

too much to do.

so life has been kinda crazy lately. 
a weekend of camping, a week of the best kind of visitor you could imagine 
and planning. 

let's start with the camping. 
i joined up with some lovelies i use to work with and headed for the coast.
we camped at my favorite campsite on cape ann, ma.
well, actual camp ground campsite.(this is not something i do often.)
and.... we hit the beach. talk about a good time. 

(i would put in a picture or two but dineen someone hasn't sent me her pictures yet....)

then... a week with my sister! (and brother in law too!)
it was perfect, aside from having to work for a few days i wouldn't say i have had a better week all summer. 
i slept in, lounged around with no particular plans and loved every second of it.
we made a ton of maybe not so healthy but absolutely delicious food. (avocado fries... mmmm....)
went to a swimming hole, made some more food, drank, played a hilarious card game and went rafting.
my first time rafting. and i did not fall out of the boat! go me.
(one guy on our raft did fall out of the boat but don't worry, we saved him.)
and then....we got inked. yup, meghan actually went through with getting a tattoo. 
and she didn't even cry! (way to go megs!)
we also went to see a movie with the guys and then had some more sister time with pedicures. 
cause... that is how we roll. 

just a bit of relaxing. (what is with beans? creep much?)
matt and i have also been doing a lot of the normal stuff... 
relaxing, playing board games with friends, watching cops.

sunday night dinner and game with friends.
and... the garden is doing well. 
despite the mysterious dying of the beans and the hot pepper plants which flower but never produce any actual peppers..... 

basket for donna filled with garden goodies.
(except the wine... that is from the store.)
alright... i am off for some more of that planning.... 
restfest is really taking a lot of my time and brain power this year. 
and i am loving (almost) every minute of it!

first peak at the fun-cession stand bunting!

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